AV-Toolbox Mobile app for monitoring and updating E-Bike Vision batteries

Mobile app AV-Toolbox

The AV-Toolbox mobile app was developed for dealers and users of E-Bike Vision batteries. It is used to analyse the batteries and provides information on the condition and usage of the battery. The user can easily read out the battery data and even carry out a software update.

Download the app for your smartphone and use the quick guide to get an overview of the functions. You can find more help in our FAQ

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  • Readout of SOC (state of charge)
  • Readout of SOH (cell condition/health)
  • Readout of temperature (core pack/cell pack)
  • Reading out the number of charge cycles
  • Carrying out firmware updates

Quick guide AV-Toolbox
Here you can find the quick guide to our app

Quick guide

Quick guide Update Bluetooth chip
Some batteries require an update of the Bluetooth chip so that they are displayed correctly in the app.

Bluetooth Chip


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