E-Bike Vision Battery InFrame

compatible to Bosch Active (Plus) / Performance (CX) drive system

14 Ah / 511 Wh
17,5 Ah / 640 Wh
E-Bike Vision Battery InFrame compatible to Bosch Active / Performance

Our E-Bike Vision Batteries InFrame are compatible with the 36 V Bosch* Active (Plus) Line and Performance (CX) Line drive systems and corresponding Bosch charging unit. These powerful batteries can be effortlessly integrated into the proven system, offering greater range for longer-lasting riding joy.
Simply insert and go.

Our E-Bike Vision Batteries InFrame are inserted into the frame of the bicycle and are available as horizontal and vertical versions and in two different capacity variants. At 511 Wh or 640 Wh, our batteries are the perfect companion for relaxed, daytime outings without having to carry a charger or second, heavy battery.

The modern lithium-ion technology guarantees a reliable, high-performance battery. An optimised battery management system and intelligent cell balancing provide a long lifespan and safe battery usage.

Note: Before using our E-Bike Vision Batteries, compatible with Bosch Active (Plus) / Performance (CX), we recommend a software update of the drive system (display/motor/original battery) at your specialist dealer.

E-Bike Vision Battery InFrame compatible to Bosch Active / Performance InFrame battery
PositionCapacityWeightRRPItem No.Dimensions
InFrame battery horizontal12,8 Ah / 461 Wh2,9 kg-10046Download
InFrame battery vertical12,8 Ah / 461 Wh2,9 kg-10047Download
InFrame battery horizontal14 Ah / 511 Wh2,9 kg519,- €10053Download
InFrame battery vertical14 Ah / 511 Wh2,9 kg519,- €10054Download
InFrame battery horizontal17,5 Ah / 640 Wh3,5 kg689,- €10048Download
InFrame battery vertical17,5 Ah / 640 Wh3,5 kg689,- €10049Download


  • Active Line
  • Active Line Plus
  • Performance Line
  • Performance Line CX
  • Compatible with original Bosch charger (2A, 4A, 6A)
  • Can be used optionally with the E-Bike Vision chargers (4A, 6A) with additional charging adapter
  • DualBattery-compatible with original DualBattery-compatible batteries and with all E-Bike Vision Batteries compatible with Bosch* Active / Performance drive system


  • Fast single stage locking
  • Weatherproof and dust-tight
  • Integrated battery management system
    • Overload protection
    • Undercharging protection
    • Protection against high discharge currents
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Protection against temperatures that are too high/too low
    • Intelligent cell balancing
    • Single cell monitoring
  • Made in Europe
  • UN-certified
  • 24-month guarantee (36 month guarantee option)

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