PowerPack – compatible with the Yamaha PW series

Power Packs by E-Bike Vision

Our rechargeable Power Pack batteries are compatible with the Yamaha drive systems PW, PW-X, PW-X2, PW-SE, PW-ST and PW-TE and appertaining Yamaha charger. The Power Packs supplement the well-proven system with their powerful properties and their optimised range. By using the lithium-ion technology we can offer a contemporary and extremely powerful cell. We can offer you the E-Bike Vision Power Packs as rechargeable carrier battery and also as rechargeable down tube battery each available in two different capacities. Even the smaller capacity variation with 624 Wh is already more powerful than all those on offer so far. The long-range variant offers 745 Wh! Nothing will now stop you from going on an all-day tour as the Power Pack removes an annoying recharging. All Power Packs have also been further optimised in the area of the ‘Battery-Management-System (BMS). An intelligent cell-balancing provides an extended service life. The Power Packs are UN-certified and have been tested in compliance with the latest transport directives.

Rechargeable down tube batteries

Compatible with the Yamaha drive systems PW, PW-X, PW-X2, PW-SE, PW-ST and PW-TE

Latest lithium-ion technology – 10S6P – in two variants
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Product Description:

  • Especially for the 36 V Yamaha drive system:
    • PW
    • PW-X
    • PW-X2
    • PW-SE
    • PW-ST
    • PW-TE
  • Two variants, one housing
    • 17,1 Ah / 624 Wh – 10S6P – LG INR18650M29
    • 20,7 Ah / 745 Wh – 10S6P – LG INR18650M36T
  • Compatible with the original Yamaha charger
  • Can be used optionally with the E-Bike Vision chargers (4A, 7A) with additional charging adapter
  • Updates via Bluetooth and Smartphone-App available
  • Weatherproof and dust-tight
  • Intelligent cell- balancing for a long service life
  • Approx. 3.5 kg
  • Made in Europe
  • UN-certified
  • Tested in compliance with the latest transport directives
PowerPack kompatibel zu Yamaha PW, PW-X, PW-SE und PW-TE
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