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VDE Compendium: Basics, setup, laws and standards regarding Li-Ion batteries

During many telephone conversations with bicycle dealers and e-bikers, we talk daily about the basics of li-ion batteries and battery systems. In order to do justice to our customers’ hunger for information, we recommend this new read:

The new “Kompendium: Li-Ionen-Batterien“ (Compendium: Li-ion batteries) by the VDE (Association of Electrotechnology, Electronics and Information Technology) has compiled basics and evaluation criteria as well as laws and standards on lithium-ion batteries in a compact way and offers the possibility to get into this subject quickly.

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The “Kompendium: Li-Ionen-Batterien“ by the VDE and “Deutsche Dialog Institut“ was published on behalf of the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology). The guideline is to facilitate users – amongst others – to understand the underlying basics of physics respectively chemistry with regard to lithium-ion batteries. Beyond that it contains evaluation criteria to compare different batteries and battery systems.

Apart from the physical properties, the legal situation is rather important. Relevant standards, guidelines, regulations and information are compiled in the compendium: marking, storage, packaging, transport as well as tests and testing procedures.