Why choose a E-Bike Vision Battery?

We are passionate about our battery production and we put all our dedication and craftsmanship into each battery that we produce here in Haibach, Bayern.

Our first E-Bike Vision Batteries were already available in 2012. Since then, we have continued to develop, launching new products, expanding our location, hiring expert staff and gaining loyal customers.

We are a modern and high tech battery manufacturer, yet we do a lot of the processes by hand. During our hardware and software development we created advanced high tech technologies to ensure you the best performing, reliable and safe E-Bike battery.

Your benefits with our E-Bike Vision Batteries

Our development team has many years of know-how when it comes to creating premium batteries for e-bikes.

Your safety is important, that is why all our batteries have 3-5 Safety Levels. Most batteries from other manufacturer have 2 Safety Levels.

Inhouse Cell testing in order to use only the best performing and reliable cells in the market.

Our development standards meet ISO9001:2015 requirements and extended to functional safety certification ISO13849.

Careful selection of high quality components to ensure long lifetime and advanced functionality.

Variety of analysis options via diagnostics software and/or App with instant updates via IOS/Android App.

How is our E-Bike Vision Battery built?

For our Corepack we use round cells of the type 18650 and 21700.

The cells are inserted into the cell holders according to the Poka Yoke principle. The corepack is then pressed mechanically with a pneumatic press.

The connector plates are prepared for welding with the corepack. Our welding machine welds the connectors to the cells on an area of 400 x 200 mm.

The Battery-Management-System (BMS) is attached to the corepack, the cables are connected and laid neatly.

The housing is closed using a torque screwdriver and a defined torque. Finally, the battery passes through the End of Line (EoL) and the LED foil and label are attached to the housing.