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Find the right rechargeable replacement battery for your pedelec and e-bike

Everyone is talking about electro-mobility nowadays. It is difficult to imagine our streets these days without pedelecs and e-bikes. Whether you want to keep your costs down commuting to work every day or simply go on a tour in your free time – the electric motor gives you the tailwind you need and which you do not want to go without anymore. All this in a very environmentally friendly way and almost noiseless. The pedelec or e-bike carries you along fast and you can still enjoy the landscape. In this way you recharge your own batteries to be able to face the everyday life again and keep fit at the same time.

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Specialist Trader Concept

We sell our products exclusively through the specialist trade. Our specialist trade partners will advise you competently and are always available to you during opening hours. You can check the quality of our products directly at the specialist trade partners‘ shops.

In case your specialist trader does not offer our products, you can point the products out to him. He can order your new replacement battery from us in your name.

E-Bike Vision - MADE in EUROPE

Our Partners

Traders can obtain our products from the following wholesale traders and distributors:


Hückmann B2B Vertrieb


Ampere Plus - Schweiz

Distributor for Switzerland

Our Idea

Even the best drive battery is subject to wear and loses performance at some point. Consequently, the range – and in this respect your tours – will obviously become increasingly shorter. The battery runs out of steam and does not support you as usual. The drive battery must be replaced so that it is available to you again to its full extent.

And this is exactly where we come in and offer you a high quality rechargeable replacement- and retrofit battery for pedelecs and e-bikes.
Does your drive battery not come up to its correct performance anymore? Are you looking for a way to go on even longer tours than before?

  • We have the solution for you: Power Packs by E-Bike Vision make the difference!

The Benefits of our Power Packs

  •  Larger range for your pedelec or e-bike
  • To be used as rechargeable replacement- or retrofit battery
  • Integrated charging socket for a quick charging directly at the tyre
  • Faster, more competent, and friendly service
  • Made in Europe
  • UN-certified rechargeable batteries
  • Latest lithium-ion technology
  • Up to 745 Wh performance!

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Our Promise

We do our best every day to be amongst the frontrunners with our innovative products for pedelecs and e-bikes and also to generate a good feeling for you. In doing this we make use of our long-standing experience in the electro-mobility- and battery industry. We are not bound to any battery manufacturer and are thus free to use the most suitable cells that fit this area of application and that are available on the market.

E-Bike Vision – The competence for active mobility

We wish you a good journey at all times
Your E-Bike Vision GmbH